Saturday, March 29, 2008

Further Goals...

Here is a small list of what I need or want to do:

- I need to get a Website. I think I'm gonna settle for a 12€ per year Web Host. That will work fine. The reason I want a website is because no Blog has more impact than an actual Website. When I have it, I'm gonna put everything there. I don't know if this blog will remain alive. It may remain alive as I may need to come back to watch my progress... Kinda to keep me going, but whatever. It will have a blog which I am still figuring out if I'll just copy everything that I have here to make posts or if I'll just forget this. The second option is better, in my opinion.

- FTTD2. It's on progress. Me and my classmates were proposed to make the sequel and present it to the whole school... It will turn out much better than any other film I have made... At least for now :P.

- The possibilities... I may receive a laptop this period. I really hope so so that I can get VFX work done quicker and more efficiently. I will totally put After Effects (and other programs such as Boujou) in there. It will definitely make my life easier.
The down part, though, is that it will come with Windows Vista, which I am not exactly a fan of... I know that everything right now revolves around Vista. Off course there is Mac. It is popular but I still need to see why with a friend of mine, Nate Caauwe.

- I will also be making a lightsaber duel that people that checked out the old blog knew about: JvP - James vs Philip. Philip being Filipe in English and James being Tiago. It is equivalent.

- School. Now, why would I been talking about school? Simply because I will have yet another chance show my VFX skills as I am doing a 3D presentation of a Water Treatment Station. The subject is boring but it will turn out ok. It will be done with After Effects.

Filipe Monteiro

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