Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello again, readers
I would like to request a little activeness from all of you... yes, all 5 of you. I would like you to post comments so that I know that I am not alone in this harsh world... poor old me... anyways, yeah... do post some good comments.

See you guys on the web.

Filipe Monteiro

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Again... yeah...

So, yeah... I've, again, failed to keep a steady posting rate. Sure, I have made quite a few posts and they were not very distanced from each other so... that's nice.


I am currently working on a Visual Effects Demo Reel. I am currently figuring out what to put in there and I am trying to keep it between three minutes or so. I'll try to maintain my focus on two elements - Rotoscoping and Compositing.

Today I have been testing some stuff with Trapcode's Particular and After Effects' In-Built Plug-In CC Particle World. The main idea was to create a fiery looking Comp. I kinda got where I wanted to but there's still some tweaking needed to generate a more real looking fire. I used CC Particle World for the little sparks that fly around and Trapcode's Particular for the actual smoke and the fire itself. That's what needs tweaking. For the final composition I wish to create a full scenery with shadows and lighting and, not to forget, some pretty decent Camera Moving and Editing.

Well... other than that, I am currently writing a story with a good friend of mine from Portugal, here, - Marcos. The story is coming along well but unfortunately I can't reveal anything. Only our sisters (Marcos' sister and one of my sisters) are involved in that and only more 2 people or so know about it. It's being a lot fun to do as I had never done something like this before. We have, now, a decent amount of pages and the story is coming along quite nicely.

Well... that's it for now. I hope that I have yet a few readers here.

Take care, my fellow readers,

Filipe Monteiro