Sunday, December 30, 2007


Here's the Test. Enjoy.


Filipe "Philip" Monteiro

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I will shortly Update a video because this site is giving me trouble.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Here's two VFX tests I did:


It worked out quite nicely;


Done with HotWheels, this test came out of the oven as a damned thing. The keying is sucky and the laser was supposed to be a pickup, but due to the excelent quality of my camera, it was unusable...

These tests were my 1st attempts at the areas.

Filipe Monteiro

Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Burnmarks


Here's a short test I did in my sister's bedroom.
I scratch a chair with my Yellow lightsaber.
And yes... The tracking is really sucky...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My new forum

Go check it out and register. It will have some stuff...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

By the way...

Forgot to post something that might please someone... Or no one.

Your everyday Lightsaber burning a black floor (the smoke was completely improvised)

A Story of Siblings

I've continued the script. It's beginning to look good. I, now, have all the story in my head. I just need to convince the actual siblings (my brother and my two sisters) to join the film. There hasn't been many conversations about it...
I am not going to tell you the story or when you can expect it. I might start filming and get some screenshots for you to look and stop thinking I'm a crook...
That being said, I just wanna wish a Merry Christmas to everybody...

"Merry Christmas"

Filipe "Philip" Monteiro

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Script Interruption

The writing of the script (I'm talking of "A Story of Siblings") will be interrupted.
Here's why:

In October, some friends of mine decided to do a Star Wars film for a school project. We grabbed my lightsabers, our crummy digital camera, a water gun and a plastic revolver (by the way... The film's name is FTTD - Fight to the Death - stupid name). I did all the effects in three months. I just didn't feel like making the VFX. One funny thing about the movie is that I did the first three sets of the movie and then I stopped, so the sabers were square. It took a long time (approximately one month) until I began to work on the fourth set and so one... The first Sabers were square (as stated before). I didn't know how to curve the ends of the lightsabers when we shot it... And I also didn't know how to generate a lightsaber burn mark. I'll admit I was ambitious... As of the fourth set, the Saber's ends are curved. I also used the Shadow tones when adding color to the saber. As of the eleventh set or so, I stopped using the Shadow tones. Another thing not added (because I hadn't learned it yet) was the flickering of the Saber. And I used Windows Movie Maker to add the sounds, thus, making the film's quality worse... Now I only use After Effects to add sounds and edit footage.

Why am I telling you this? Read on...

Me and one of the actors of FTTD, decided to make another film. We haven't decided if it's FTTD's sequel or if it's a separate production. It's a short film and there is no actual story. We have some basic ideas but we're still choosing a place to film. I have three ideas of places to film. I think we're going for an abandoned warehouse I know. I can't tell you how the film is going to be. I'm not going to spoil anything for the possible viewers of my work. Oh, by the way... On FTTD, I'm the only one surviving... We are going to explain the fact that all the guys that died, appear on this movie - if this is FTTD's sequel. Well... I spoiled the end of FTTD but I'm not going to spoil FTTD2 (?).
That's all I gotta say today.

Filipe Monteiro

Monday, December 10, 2007


Welcome to my new blog.
I am a simple guy from Portugal who happens to be a fanfilm maker, a script writer and a VFX (visual effects) artist.
On this blog I will discuss whatever I have in mind and I will post my VFX attempts. I will also talk about upcoming movies of mine.

I'm a great fan of Ryan Wieber and Michael "Dorkman" Scott. You can see them by going to their website: . I also like Three in the Afternoon and its sequel Six in the Morning, which I will refer to THREE and SIX, respectively. Their website is: .
I am currently writing the script of an upcoming movie of mine - A story of Siblings. It has similarites to THREE but I'm trying to get this movie as original as possible. It's basically about four siblings that get real Lightsabers. The story isn't quite developed yet, although I have the ideas all in my head...

One of my constant problems about filmaking is the crummy camera I use. Do you know what the problem is??? Well... It's a photographic camera... I need to get a real camcorder or my films will suck...

WelL... That pretty much covers what I'm here to do...

Moving on to myself...

I'm a 13 (almost 14) Christian Star Wars fan. About my name: Filipe Monteiro... Since Filipe is equivalent to Philip and since I don't like my mother language, I prefer to be called Philip. Monteiro is pretty much equivalent to Montero.

Well... That pretty much about does it...
See you whenever I make a new post.

Filipe "Philip" Monteiro