Saturday, June 28, 2008


Some un-showed footage from my Space VFX stuff...
YouTube stretched it and you can't see the stars...

EDIT: Oh, wow... If you embed the video it doesn't get stretched!

Filipe Monteiro

RvB2 Rotoscoping Test

The quality is kinda bad. YouTube...

Filipe Monteiro

Friday, June 27, 2008


Hello, again
Today, Sofia (Sophia, in A Story of Siblings) officially agreed to write the script with me. We've already worked on a script together so this won't be nothing new and we're comfortable doing this together.

We're still juggling a pretty good huge bunch of ideas here. We kinda deviated the main direction the story was heading so...

I think that this is going to come out of the oven really good and I can't wait to finish the script and start shooting.

Today, that is all I bring you.
Good day

Filipe Monteiro

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Piano Stuff

Hey, guys that still read this...

Well... It was about time that I started doing more than just talk about myself and VFX, right? No? Well screw it... Anyways, I will be posting generally Piano Stuff on Youtube. My username there is fjrsm, that stands for the initials of my full name, and was, in fact, my old nickname on tfn. Moving on... I created a small trailer for this that I will start doing. It's very very simple but it suits the deal. I initially have tons of great ideas for this trailer, which I eventually ditched. I hope you enjoy it.
The Trailer
My Youtube Channel

Check out my other stuff. I can assure that they are not very good. But since probably no one will read this, I am not warning anybody... Except for the Thread on tfn... Well... It will have some new stuff on VFX and stuff like that. You just have to wait a bit.

Filipe Monteiro

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A recent picture of mine

Kinda Alarming

It's happened... I have officially ran out of ideas for aSoS (A Story Of Siblings)... I'll have to get together with the rest of the creative minds group, being solely constituted of myself and the rest of the siblings, so that we can get off the Pre-Production and get on to Production...

Other than that... Here, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal, the Sun is shining and the sky has an unusual white-ish blue color... Nothing alarming on that--I hope.
My brother and I will be shooting a Non-VFXed Rough Cut of part of the Choreography of JvP. It will only have the effects needed for Visual Logic.

Other than that, being on vacations while my brother and sisters are on Exams is pretty boring... I've got nothing but the folks on TFN and Geekza to fill my empty schedule of trying to write something good (which hasn't come up for a while now) and learning the Final Bowser Theme of Super Mario 64.
I recently, this morning to be precise, had an idea of starting to post on youtube some piano videos of mine so that I can somewhat fill the empty space my youtube channel has and, logically, show my few talents on the piano. I figured I would start that habit with the Final Bowser Theme but I'm not really in the mood of reading a Music Sheet right now. I'll think of something else... Maybe I'll start doing exclusively: Either random musics, or Video Games/Movies music on the piano.
And that's that...

As the 3 of you who still read this may have noticed, I made two posts within 24 hours. Miraculous... Simply amazing.
Well... I have nothing more to say. I wish you all a good day or a good 'till I right back' thing.

By the way, If you have been reading since the beginning or near it, you have probably noticed that this Blog is becoming more of a personal life stuff and not only a VFX thing. That's good. Seriously - Don't worry. It's meant to be like that.

Filipe Monteiro

Tuesday, June 10, 2008