Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey, everyone. I haven't given you anything in a lot of time now..

Well, I'd like to write a small blog post so that you could still get the sense I'm still alive. Well... here I am.

I made a video a while back. It's not online yet. It involves Lightsabers and lasers. I think you'll enjoy it. Also I'll be shooting an alternative ending to it as soon as I get the time. Hopefully, soon.

We have a MacBook Pro here at home now, so, my VFX will be made in Macs.
I have a few more knowledge in sound recording and mixing. I will be recording and uploading some music projects. I have already recorded some things but none of them are online yet, but you can't count on some of these things, hopefully soon.

No updates on getting a video-camera. I'm still using a Sony CyberShot, which shoots at 320x240. It's not very good but it's decent.

My visual effects skills are evolving as I grow and I try more intricate things. Sadly, none of the VFX work I have online is recent, up to date or any good =P
But I'll get to it.

About Twitter - I might use it once in a while, but I haven't used it since I got back from camp in August. We'll see if I'll start using it again regularly.

- I'll use it regularly as I make more videos. I'm considering a VideoBlog thing.

Website - Will have updates as I make new stuff, but this is the "official" Lo-Budg Productions Blog =)

Well, I'll talk to you soon, I hope. It seems that, everytime I start a blog, I quickly let it go.

I'll try to be more regular to you guys.
Take care

Filipe Monteiro